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Literature Review and Electronic Resources 
in Educational Research
  1. American Education Research Association
  2. Center for Applied Linguistics
  3. Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE)
  4. Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST)
  5. Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed At-Risk (CRESPAR)
  6. Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA)
  7. Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy (CTP)
  8. Common Core of Data: Information on Public Schools and School Districts in the United States
  9. National Center for Early Development and Learning (NCEDL)
  10. National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science (NCISLA)
  11. National Center for Postsecondary Improvement (NCPI)
  12. National Center on Increasing the Effectiveness of State and Local Education Reform Efforts
  13. National Research & Development Center on English Learning & Achievement (CELA)
  14. Research Reports from The National Research and Development Centers
  15. National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL)
  16. National Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT)