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Literature Review and Electronic Resources 
in Educational Research

Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE). 1969- . Monthly with semiannual cumulations. 
ERIC CD-ROM database on Library Network 

Indexes more than 700 education and education-related journals. Provides brief annotations of articles. CIJE is a publication of ERIC (the Educational Resources Information Center), so use the Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors to determine proper subject headings. 

Dissertations Abstracts International. 1938- . Monthly with annual cumulations. 
Indexes and abstracts doctoral dissertations from the majority of American universities and a small number of foreign schools. Cumulative subject and author indexes for 1961-1972, 1973-1982, and annually after that. Subject access is by key words in the title, not by traditional subject headings. 

Education Index. 1929- . Monthly with annual cumulations. 
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Basic index to education periodical literature. Indexes more than 300 periodicals. 

Higher Education Abstracts. 1965- . Quarterly. 
Previously titled College Student Personnel Abstracts. Useful index to the literature of higher education; informative abstracts. Coverage includes journals and some conference papers and unpublished reports. 

Psychological Abstracts. 1927- . Monthly with annual cumulations. 
The major index to psychological literature, including psychological aspects of education and learning. Use the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms to determine proper subject headings. 

Resources in Education (RIE). 1966- . Monthly with annual cumulations. 
From 1966-1974 the title was Research in Education. A publication of the Educational Resources Information Center, commonly known as ERIC. Indexes and abstracts the ERIC microfiche collection, a collection of unpublished or hard to locate documents. Use the Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors to determine proper subject headings. The microfiche collection is located in Microform Services; they are filed by ED number.