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Literature Review and Electronic Resources 
in Educational Research

On-line Database

Ask Eric [ ]
ERIC is the world's largest source of education formation, with more than 1 million  abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice

BiblioLine [ ]
BiblioLine is a service of NISC International, Inc
[username: upmlib / password:upmnisc]

ProQuest Digital Dissertations (UMI) []
Bell & Howell Information and Learning

UMI Proquest [ ]
Digital library of dissertations and theses submitted to UMI for publication
[username: WD7C9PJG37 / password: welcome]

EBSCOhost [ ]
Pengkalan data yang mengandungi pelbagai bahan penulisan dan penyelidikan dalam bentuk abstrak dan teks penuh.
[Username: upmlib / password: bios]

Internet database service ( IDS ) [ ]
The Internet Database Service (IDS) provides access to more than 50 databases published by CSA and its publishing partners
[username: upm / password: upm170]

Emerald Intelligence [ ] @ []
Emerald  intelligence  and fulltext electronic library spanning subjects such as: marketing,  general  management, human resources, quality, property, operations, production & economics, library & information services, information management, training & education and engineering.

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts [ ]
Scope: Biology and Medical Science; Earth and Environmental Sciences.
[username: upm / password: upm170]

Complete Cambridge Collection [ ]
(username=malay08, password=malay0808 )- till 31 October 2001.
Scope: Aerospace Sciences, Agricultural Sciences; Aquatic Sciences; Arts & Humanities; Biological & Medical Sciences; Computer Technology; Earth & Environmental Sciences; Engineering Specialties; Market Research; Materials Science; Social Sciences

SilverPlatter WebSpir []
WebSPIRS, SilverPlatter's powerful http gateway and most popular search interface, provides World Wide Web access to SilverPlatter's Internet Service and your ERL network through any forms-capable browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. With WebSPIRS, remote users can search centrally-loaded SilverPlatter databases from anywhere home computers, dormitory rooms, faculty offices, remote sales offices, or branch office locations.
[User name : c59003 / Password  : ldinjpfd.]

RERIC Online Bibliographic Database []
RERIC bibliographic database contains more than 10000 records in energy conservation. energy planning, and renewable sources of energy (biomass, solar, wind, and small-scale hydropower).  The information covers the technological, socio-economic and environmental aspects of energy.
[Login    ID : umalay / Password     : drdlib21]

British Library
[username : INSIDESEARCH / password : UMLIB]

[username : mum01 / password : 113wd8]

Expanded Academic ASAP International []
Gale Group
Password : impact

A single coordinating initiative to make the best use of data and information on S&T in Malaysia. 
[user name : utmlib / password : utmlib01]

SIRIMLink []
Provides access to ahuge collection of technical information, stored in SIRIM, The information covers subjects such as Patents, Abstracts from articles and a directory of Malaysian experts in science and technology. 
[user name : utm /  password : utmmiris ] @
[username : unima /  password = unima]

WilsonWeb []
Library Literature & Information Science full Text Only
[username : auq50 / password : unmy023859]

Palmoilis []
Palm Oil Information Online Service. Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
[username : cmmalaya / password : unimay98]

Tengku Zawawi b Tengku Zainal
Fakulti Pendidikan, UKM